Tour Details

Your two-hour tour will take you into the heart of the gold fields of the Tanana Valley where you will feel the history come alive!


Tanana Valley Railroad

Your adventure begins at Gold Dredge 8 with a ride on a replica of the Tanana Valley Railroad near some of the original rail routes. Once aboard our narrow gauge railroad, you will enjoy a short narrated journey to the dredge. Your regular conductor and commentator is Earl Hughes, who provides festive music along your journey. You will also learn from actual working hands at sites along the way.

Trans Alaska Pipeline

Your first stop at Gold Dredge 8 is an up-close view of the 48-inch Trans Alaska Pipeline, a marvel of modern engineering and part of the largest industry in Alaska. The Trans Alaska Pipeline is responsible for approximately 15% of the nation’s domestic oil production. At this stop you may view informational displays and you will hear commentary regarding the history and function of the pipeline. You will walk underneath the pipeline to reach the next stop of your tour! Make sure to snap a picture of your loved ones ‘holding up’ the pipeline!

Gold Dredge 8

Described as either a floating workhorse or a mechanical gold pan, Gold Dredge 8 extracted millions of ounces of gold from the frozen Alaskan ground. Today, Gold Dredge 8 National Historic District serves as a monument to the hard working miners who built Fairbanks. The train will stop beside the dredge and miners will give a sluice box demonstration and talk about mining in Alaska. Later in the tour, you will have the opportunity to explore the dredge and feel the gold history come alive!

Gold Panning

As part of your tour, Alaskan miners will show you how to pan for gold, and you will receive your own poke filled with pay dirt. Friendly guides are on hand to help you uncover the gold in your pan. Comfortable benches and warm water make this an easy and enjoyable experience. Everyone will share your excitement when you strike it rich— and nothing beats the thrill of taking home real Alaskan gold!